Privacy Statement


Privacy Policy Statement


It is the policy of Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI) to safeguard all information provided by customers (our members and website users). We do not collect any personally identifying information ("Personal Data") from customers during their browsing of our websites; and if Personal Data is collected in the process of making enquires or submitting applications for services provided by AABI, customers will be informed via the respective Information Collection Statements of our websites of such purposes and uses, including the extent of their transfer and disclosure; and the right of access to and correction of the collected Personal Data. 'Cookie' files that have been set up in some websites are meant only to facilitate customer access during their next visit to the same website.


Once we have obtained customer's Personal Data, they will be maintained securely on our system. Only the authorized staff, who have been properly trained, will be permitted to access such Personal Data, and we shall not release such Personal Data to any external parties without customer's agreement. We may however from time to time send direct marketing materials promoting our AABI’s events and services to customers based on their Personal Data; but shall stop doing so when being advised in writing or by e-mail that they do not wish to receive further materials from us. Suitable opt-out facilities will be provided during the direct marketing process.


We shall make our best endeavors to ensure that the privacy of customers is properly protected. Should customers have any queries about our privacy policy and practice, please e-mail AABI Secretariat at