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Join eBizStart 2021 — True Globalization Starts Here



eBizStart 2021 Business Showcase and Conference provides a virtual platform for business communities, countries and organisations and afford FREE participation to showcase their businesses. It allows participants, exhibitors and sponsors to gather together, aiming to create abundance in business opportunities, brand awareness and sales for all participants. The platform offers networking area, virtual exhibition booth, business channels with seminars and training sessions and marketing and business matching services.

Platform Offers

  • General Area: Networking Area, VIP Lounge, Business Directory, Listing

  • Virtual Exhibition: Private Room, Breakout rooms for 1-1, Chat box, Video Introduction, Appointment scheduling

  • Business Channels: Conferences + Seminars, Workshops + Trainings Channels, Exhibitors + Sponsors Channels, Business Clinics, Entertainment Value

  • Value Offerings: E-Marketplace, Live KOL Marketing, Qualified Business Matching, Gamified Participants Engagements

Event Time

15th-28th June 2021



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