Founded in 2002, Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI) is a multilateral network of business incubation that focuses on building a collaboration framework to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific region.

For 20 years, AABI has evolved into a large and vibrant innovation network, successively connecting 26 AABI Association Members from 19 countries and regions such as Thailand, South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, etc., with useful links with more than 5, 000 incubators in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides, 31 Incubator Awards winners and 98 Entrepreneur Awards winners have scaled-up in the hotland of innovation; 16 APJIE volumes including 239 academic papers have been published to voice out AABI observations and researches; various kinds of events have been organized/co-organized by AABI members each year to empower cross-border collaboration of business incubation with AABI recognition and international impact.

AABI People

AABI is never simply about numbers or facts; AABI is also about AABIers with the belief of trust, the spirit of help and the career with pride. Sincere gratitude and significant recognition are extended to dear AABI colleagues, friends and partners who have supported AABI all the time!

Incubator Winners

Since 2005, AABI Incubator of the Year Award has been launched and 31 incubators from 7 countries & regions have been granted the honor. The award is designed to promote the development of incubators from the Asia-Pacific region, by recognizing the incubators with outstanding performance of business incubation in the past and great potentiality of sustainable growth in the future.

Entrepreneur Winners

Since 2005, AABI has initiated a series of awards for entrepreneurs from the Asia-Pacific region to recognize their outstanding performance in leading innovation and entrepreneurship: Dr.Horiba Entrepreneur Award; AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards (for Best Entrepreneur, for Technology Transfer, for Internationalization, for Promising Entrepreneur, etc.) 98 Entrepreneur Award winners from 12 countries & regions have been granted the honors.

AABI Services

“In the post-pandemic era where VUCA world is intensified, ‘Open Innovation,’ utilizing one another competitive strengths and resources to come up with new products and services, can revitalize the economy…The most important mission for AABI in the current international context is to offer value-added services integrated from the joint collaborations of our Incubator Members in order to strengthen the entrepreneurs in the business growth and international expansion.”

Ms. Suwipa Wanasathop

President of AABI (2022-2023)

Advisor of Thai Business Incubators and Science Parks Association (Thai-BISPA)

“AABI has always been pragmatic. At the early stage, we designed training sessions, to promote effective communications and mutual interactions among AABI members. In the meantime, we also launched annual awards selection, to encourage AABI members to share resources and enhance cooperation. In the later stage, we initiated different programs of soft-landing and cross-border acceleration, to facilitate the integration of service capacities among AABI members.”

Mr. Zhu Zhenghong

President of AABI (2016-2017)

Director Emeritus of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center (STIC)

“This award holds a special place in our hearts, as we are a company from Indonesia that has won. We hope that will help inspire and open the doors for more Indonesian companies to create world class businesses that will not only help our country but also the world, in years to come… With this award, we hope to also foster collaborations with more Asian, Australian, Middle Eastern and other global incubator, STPs, and enterprises.”

Mr. Sony Rachmadi Purnomo

CEO of RUN System

Winner of 2022 AABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award

“Thanks to the operators for inviting us to participate in the Sino-Thai Acceleration Camp (Online) project. This time we can learn more about market demand and meet a lot of respected customers. To help us develop the market and promote our products. On behalf of SMS Group thank you all very much.”

Mr. Chutmongkon Raisanguan

Country Sales Manager


“The APJIE will be the TORCH TOWER of the two polars: theoretical and practical ones. It will be enlightening over the rugged roads of the challenging ventures and incubators of AABI member countries & regions. Then the APJIE will be the STAR SPANGLED BRIDGES to the global prosperity.”

Professor Bong Jin Cho

Emeritus Editor in Chief of APJIE

Chief Advisor of AABI Advisor Group for APJIE

AABI Journal

Launched in 2007, APJIE is one of the few English academic journals in the Asia-Pacific region with the support of AABl, a multilateral incubation network.APJIE believes that, on the basis of unique inno-ecosystems, theoretical developments and practical cases of innovation and entrepreneurship in all Asian countries and regions deserve to be respected and valued.

Emerging Entrepreneurial SMEs

Digitalization in SMEs

Risk-taking Propensity

Entrepreneurship Education

Strategic Goals and Financial Performance of SMEs

Organizational Learning Capability

Patent-intensive Industries

Entrepreneurship Intention in Agricultural Sector

Predictors of Entrepreneurial Intention

Relationship between Industrial Agglomeration and Regional Innovation

Women's Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy

Capability on Patent and New Product Development

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation