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Ultraviolet Sterilization

Ultraviolet sterilization is one of the latest environment-friendly technology.  Ultraviolet water disinfection equipment could replace or partially replace the traditional chlorization method to reduce carcinogen in water.  LIT Technology is a leading manufacturer of ultraviolet water disinfection equipment in Russia and Eastern Europe. It specializes in development, manufacture and application of systems for water disinfection by UV radiation; manufacture of UV light sources; development and application of scientific innovations in the field of water distribution and treatment. Over 2000 installations operate with LIT Technology productions in Russia and around the world. Among them are the largest in Europe UV stations for drinking water and wastewater disinfection with flow capacities 290000m3/d and 405000m3/d. At the present, this technology has been used several domestic large-scale project thanks to Shanghai Co-way International Technology Transfer Center’s great effort.  A joint venture agreement in terms of establishing UV equipment and light sources has also been signed. 

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