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Tenant Introduction

Language and Communication Solutions

World-Class Experience
·Founded in 1984, LinguaNet boasts over 20 years of experience.
·Present in 11 countries on three continents.
·Hundreds of projects conducted in many countries.
Extensive Language and Format Support
·All 41 European languages, including Lithuanian, Estonian, and Maltese.
·Middle Eastern languages (Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi).
·Asian languages (Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai).
·Multiple source code formats (XML, HTML, Java property/resource, C++, .NET, installer software, Unix, Linux, any web development environment, scripting languages, documentation software.
·Other formats available upon request.
Professional, Dedicated Teams
·LinguaNet has experts in both technology and local languages.
·Your message will be clear, accurate, and consistent with your corporate identity.
·Specific LinguaNet health care and IT industry know-how means your translation will comply with local regulations.
Advanced Technology
·Outstanding service backed up by the use of integrated, cutting-edge technology.
·Our approach is designed to improve quality, reduce turnaround times and costs, and ensure your peace of mind.

Long-Term Savings for Our Customers
The use of translation memory systems allows us to be more productive and to pass on the gains to our customers. Repetitions are invoiced at a fraction of the normal rate.
Innovative Tools to Maximize Productivity
·LinguaNet QARater - Quality control system with evaluation function, including quality statistics and feedback.
·LinguaNet Keystone - SQL terminology database with web interface.
·LinguaNet Instant Translation Portal - for small volume projects, such as press releases, etc.
In-Depth Health Care Product Knowledge
Our areas of expertise include: Advanced computed tomography – Blood glucose monitoring systems –
ECG and pacemakers – Endoscopy – Patient monitors – Physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment – Pulse oximeters – Surgery devices – Ventricular assist devices, etc.

Satisfied Health Care Customers from Around the World
·Boston Scientific
·Jarvik Heart
·Philips Medical Systems
·Siemens Ultrasound / Siemens Oncology
·3M Healthcare

Your Partner for Language Management

Technical Documentation
· Translations true to the original text. We excel at translating operation manuals, package inserts, software and online help.
· Content can be delivered in any online or pre-press formation.
Software Localization 
· Accurately translated and thoroughly tested translations – every time.
· Advanced procedures and strict quality control throughout the production process to ensure the integrity of your code.
· Software and documentation are cross-checked to guarantee consistency.
· Complete cycle – from internationalization consulting to pre-master CD of the localized software.

Integrated Solutions and Web Content
· Consistent translations across packaging, documentation, collateral, presentations, legal text, display advertising, and the web.
· Quality web text translation compliant with web authoring software, content management systems, or a customized database-driven platform.
Marketing & Corporate Communications
· Integrate culture and context to connect with your target market.
· More than word-for-word translation.
Desktop Publishing Services
· Document formatting in the target languages.
· Artwork creation. 
· PDF set-up for print and online.

Special offer for our Chinese customers:
LinguaNet is aware that Chinese companies need to translate all their software and technical documentation into English first before translating into other European languages, thus incurring additional costs. We therefore offer a special rate for the translation of your documentation from Chinese into English, or for the review of your existing translations in this language combination.
Contact Us
Contact Person:Brandon Qiu Tel:8621 54975871,54975872
E-mail:dexiang@co-way.com.cn Fax:8621 54975310
Add:Room 813, Building 2. NO. 100,Qinzhou Rd. Shanghai Zip:200135