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Tenant Introduction

Shanghai Wangte Energy Resource Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Wangte Technology (Shanghai Wangte Energy Resource Science & Technology Co., Ltd) is dedicated to R&D of novel products to improve the operation reliability and economy of boiler in large power station, and adaptation and research of technology in the boiler, possessing a series of advanced domestic technology and products.
The company has a group of experts with high accomplishment and innovation capacity, presently we have 4 professor level senior engineers, enjoying special subsidy from state council, 4 senior engineers, 3 engineers, 2 technology managers and several personnel of management, program design and sales.
Address: Room 517, 81, South Qinzhou Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, within the STIC
The company has acquired the Innovation Funds of National Ministry of S&T in 2005 and the investment from STCSM.
Main experts of the company:
Mr. Wang Menghao, professor level senior engineer, receiving special subsidy from the state council, in the profession of boiler, heat conduction and hydrodynamic
Mr. Yang Zongxuan, professor level senior engineer, heat conduction, material and software
Mr. San Yinglu, doctoral supervisor, receiving special subsidy from the state council, in the profession of boiler, heat conduction and material
Mr. Wang Xuefeng, Professor, in the profession of mathematics and mechanics, material, software, communication
And well-known domestic material experts.
Main Products Categories:
1.       Online Safety surveillance and diagnosis system for boiler superheater, reheater panel;
2.       Steam Flow Controller;
3.       Computerized Automatic Control Products;
4.       Design for Optimal Coal Distribution System in Power Plants
5.       Steam Accumulator;
Technology Services Categories:
1.       Reconstruction of Boiler Reheater and Steam Tube Explosion in High Superheater due to Over-temperature in Power Station;
2.       Temperature Calculation of Boiler Reheater and the Inner Wall of Super Heater in Power Station;
3.       Thermodynamic Performance Calculation of Boiler in Power Station;
4.       Design Improvement and Technology Reconstruction of Boiler in Power Station;
5.       Reconstruction of Coal Saver in Power Station to Reduce the Exhaust Gas Temperature;