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Tenant Introduction

Shanghai Tissue Engineering Research & Development Center

As the R&D Base of Tissue Engineering in the field of biology in the National 863 Program, Shanghai Tissue Engineering Research & Development Center (referred to as “The Center” hereinafter) is a research institute with Tissue Engineering Research and Application Development as the main research direction. The tenet of The Center is: Research & Development of Tissue Engineering Technology in constructing tissues, organs and technology and methodology for repairing human tissues and organs, to advance applications and lead the initiation of industrialization of Chinese Tissue Engineering.
Settled down in the incubation base in January 2001, as the largest professional tissue engineering R&D base both home and abroad, the Center is strong in technology strength, with 1 chief scientist of “973” Program, and 12 adjunct Professors of state level and research personnel of professor level, and 7 professional technical personnel. The Center has undertaken the Development Program of State Key Basic Research, National High-Tech Research Development Scheme and Shanghai Key Project. At present, we have made innovative progress in many aspects, such as tissue engineering technology construction and repairing of bone defects, articular cartilage defects, skin defects, tendon defects, blood vessel, cornea, nerve, etc, among which many have attained International Leading and International Advanced Level.
The Center has been listed among the Key Programs of Rejuvenating the City through Science & Education in Shanghai as the first batch in 2005.
In May 2005, the State Engineering Research Center of Tissue Engineering was established in Zizhu, Minhang District in Shanghai with an investment of 150 million RMB.
Key Task Undertaken
National Key Basic Research Development Scheme Program (973) 2
National High-Tech Research Development Scheme (863) 2
Key Program of Shanghai Municipality 1
Major Prizes
First Prize of Science & Technology Development of Shanghai Municipality 2
First Prize of Medical Science & Technology of Shanghai Municipality 2
Second Prize of Chinese Medical Science & Technology 2
Second Prize of Medical Science & Technology of Shanghai Municipality 1
Innovation Prize of Shanghai International Industrial Expo 1
The Center is actively engaged in expanding all kinds of channels, seeking cooperation in multi-direction, to advance the transformation of Science & Technology, and apply the research achievements of tissue engineering in clinics, to benefit the human race.