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Tenant Introduction

Shanghai Sanzheng Macromolecular Material Co., Ltd

Shanghai Sanzheng Macromolecular Material Co., Ltd is a High-Tech enterprise incorporating research, manufacture, sales together, technologically supported by research personnel from East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Synthetic Resin Research Institute and Shanghai Organic Chemical Research Institute. The Company has about 30 employees coming from different specialties such as Macromolecular Material, Fine Chemical Industry, Chemical Engineering and Business Administration, most of them have a part time job in Universities and Research Institutes. All of the employees have degree of above Junior College, who are mainly Research Personnel, including 2 professors, 4 doctors, and many bachelors and masters. Professor Wang Zhengdong, technology majordomo of the company, has been awarded as “Shanghai Youth Star of Technology”. The company adheres to Surface Processing Technology and Dispersion Technology of Powder as the main research direction, and under the support of national and municipal technology research projects, after many years of efforts, the company has developed series of patent products such as CH Type Macromolecular Surface Modifier ( Hyper-dispersant). This additive has filled domestic blank in this area, reaching International Advanced Level, and has been listed as Shanghai Novel Products in 2001 and Shanghai High-Tech Achievement Transformation Project in 2002. Part of the products have been chosen by BASF, CLARIANT, DIC, TOYO etc, as fixed point purchasing products in China.
It is well-known that all powders would unavoidably encounter dispersion problems in the process of preparation and application. In order to efficiently solve the problem, the choice of Surface Modifier (dispersant ) has been a key link. The Hyper-dispersant manufactured by our company has evident differences from traditional dispersants (surfactants): Traditional dispersants adopted the structure of lipophilic at one end and hydrophilic at the other end, whose main disadvantages are weak absorption on the surface of solid particles, too short a carbon chain (resulting in the insufficiency of steric hindrance), and unadustable in compatibility with dispersed medium. While the Hyper-dispersant manufactured by our company adopts the molecular structure of combination of anchoring group and solvent chain, in which anchoring groups are designed according to the surface properties of the solid particles, while solvent chains are designed according to the polar properties of dispersant medium, furthermore, the solvent chains are long chains of polymers, forming a protective layer with sufficient thickness on the surface of the solid particles. According to the design theory, our company has developed additive products of many brands ( at present, there have been over 60, and are developing incessantly according to the demands of the market). We have solved many surface treatment and dispersion problems hard to solve in the past, making the CH Series of Hyper-dispersant the secret weapons for multi-national groups and well-known domestic enterprises in the industry to improve the quality of their products.
If you encounter the technical problems of difficulties in dispersion, in pigmentation, in flowing, and time and energy consumption in grinding, as well as instability in storage, in pigment preparation and the production process of ink, paint, coating, color paste, leather, plastic color masterbatch, thickeners, we shall provide you with omnidirection solutions, and corresponding technology and product support. Furthermore, CH Series of additives could efficiently solve the surface treatment and dispersion problems in ceramic powders, mineral fillers, functional fillers, magnetic pastes, electronic pastes, lubricating material, super fine metal powder and other powders.
In the system mentioned above, if you are using imported additives with equal performance however expensive in price, we would remind you that your profit space has been devoured in part by imported additives. By choosing us, you could not only maintain the leading status of the product quality, more importantly, you could free the already existed profit space however devoured.
In the super fine powder and related industries, one of the most important reasons resulting in the quality gap between domestic brands and Leading International Brands has been the absence of additives with superior performance. You are seeking, while we are exploring. Now, we have the solutions with a series of products adapted to different systems, which would greatly strengthen your International Competence. Sanzheng Company would further increase the research input, to help domestic companies improve their product quality, while reducing cost, which has been the footstone of our sustainable development. By choosing our products and services, you have confirmed and supported our efforts.
Believe in us, grasp the opportunity!