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Tenant Introduction

Shanghai Gammastar Technology Development Co., Ltd

Shanghai Gammastar Technology Development Co., Ltd, is a High-Tech company with self-owned Intellectual Property Rights and senior professional background, dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and service of large scale medical equipment.
The company has a technology team incorporating experts specialized in nuclear physics, medicine, electromechanical, software, whose nucleus team has initiated and pushed forward China’s industry of accurate radioactive therapy with gamma rays, and accumulated more than a decade of experience in R&D of large scale medical equipments. Its senior management team is composed of specialists in management with rich experience, complementary advantages, and enterprising spirits, in command of great capacity of industrial resource integration.
Recently, the company has launched the gyroscope rotation radioactive surgery system, with Co 60 as the radioactive source ( whose commercial name is “gyroscope bistoury”) as the most advanced gamma rays accurate radioactive therapy system at present. On the basis of summarization of all kinds of gamma ray bistoury technology both home and abroad at present, in combination of the advantages of linac accelerator, Shanghai Gammastar Technology Development Co., Ltd has independently developed this product with all the Intellectual Property Rights. “Gyroscope bistoury” has officially acquired the “Medical Instrument Registration Certificate” issued by the State Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) on March 14, 2006.
Shanghai Gammastar Technology Development Co greatly values innovative thinking, rigorous attitude of scholarship and earnest cooperative spirits, and shall do our best to provide clients with most scientific central tumor therapy solutions and the most efficient professional technology service program, to jointly push forward the development of tumor therapy undertakings in both China and the rest of the world.
Address: 15 Floor, 757, Multi-media Building, West Guangzhong Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai (200072)
Tel: 021-51095758-2032 2025
Fax: 021-61404252
Product Center:
Address: C Part, 36, 709, Lingshi Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai (200072)
Tel: 021-51606388
Fax: 021-64821410