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Product Name Mentoring Service
Available in which Area Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province (Yangtze Delta Area)
Purpose of the Product -Mentors help entrepreneurs and business start-ups to obtain the advice, support and stimulation they need to confidently develop their business to local and international markets.
-The mentor provides the entrepreneur with its personal vision on the strategy of the firm and helps the company in the development and accomplishment of its goals and objectives.
What are the Benefits to Companies -Obtain intellective support from mentors
-Share with abundant experiences
-Build its capability to solve problems in different fields
What resources (or technical requirements) are required to deliver the product -There are a number of enthusiastic mentors with abundant experiences
-Material and spirital support from related organizations
Product Contents 1.Establish a “couch team system” (ICT) to train entrepreneurs on management skills in an efficient way. In order to optimize the innovation and initiation environment to create a new situation, “Couch work system” in multi-direction would be developed for enterprises.
2.Employ mentors from different departments or fields to provide couch services for enterprises. Maybe they are from ( as listed below ):
1)Shanghai Technology Innovation Center
2)Shanghai Computer Software Center
3)Shanghai Torch High Technology Industry Development Center
4)Shanghai Science & Technology Investment Co., Ltd
5)Shanghai Jiuzhou Law Firm
6)Shanghai Electric Hydraulic & Pneumatics Co., Ltd
We are planning to further expand the list, adding more couches to further build the local couch capacity.
3.Many questions may arise during the process of incubation for entrepreneurs, posing ICT problems to couches, which demand urgent solution. Therefore, a specialized consultant is indispensable in the service system provided to tenant companies for prompt answering of these questions, during the process of incubation. Then, an ICT consultant would be hired to address these urgent needs.
Product Target Groups Start-ups and SMEs in Yangtze Delta Area
Cost of Delivery  
Current price for customer Low price.
Product Outputs Help start-ups and SMEs obtain the advice, support and stimulation, and benefit from it.
How is the success of the product measured, what should be the indicators & statistics -Number of mentors employed to the “couch team system”
-Number of start-ups or SMEs applying for this service
-Number of couches hold for mentoring processes
-Number of problems solved during the couches
-Number of companies successfully graduated from the incubation
Contact Details & website Shanghai Co-Way
Room 812-813, 2nd building, No.100, Qinzhou Road, Shanghai, China (200135)
Tel : +86 21 54975871*803

Provider Name Shanghai Co-Way Partner Representative Teresa Jie 2007-4-16