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HKSTP Collaborates with Technology Partners to Boost Data-driven Smart City Solutions in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong, 22 March 2018) Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) announced the inauguration of Data Analytics Platform, an extension of the Data Studio initiative to accelerate the development, testing, validation and adoption of smart city solutions in the city. The new Data Analytics Platform offers hybrid cloud technology infrastructure as well as on premise GPU computing with new data creation that data analysts, data engineers and software developers can apply to the vast datasets including those from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors for big data analytics and data visualisation.


The Data Studio initiative, which comprises a facility at HK Science Park and an online portal, was established in February last year. As of today, the Data Studio possesses a rich 129 dataset library with various disciplines such as health, finance, environment, education and transportation, currently subscribed by 593 developers from 42 publishers.


The new Data Analytics Platform is the collaboration between HKSTP and leading technology partners to enrich the supporting infrastructure for start-ups and SMEs to drive data-driven innovation around smart city solutions under four smart themes – Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart People. The themes were laid out in the Smart City BluePrint for Hong Kong released by the Government last December.


The five technology partners involved in the Data Analytics Platform include:

  • Hitachi Vantara will provide sophisticated analytics and digital tools to unleash the power of IoT, big data, analytics and video intelligence to fuel innovation, solve local challenges and improve smart cities.
  • NVIDIA AI Technology Center (NVAITC) will provide access to the NVIDIA DGX Systems, powerful personal supercomputer for AI development. Built on the NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) Cloud Deep Learning Stack, the DGX Systems will enable researchers to leverage deep learning and build their smart and safe city applications.
  • Siemens will provide their Siemens MindSphere, a cloud-based IoT operating system for the Data Analytics Platform. MindSphere’s open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enables a rich partner ecosystem to develop and deliver new applications to tackle city challenges such as traffic congestion, public convenience, public safety, energy saving and city planning.
  • CLP Holdings will collaborate with HKSTP and technology partners to derive value and insights out of data leveraging CLP’s energy and domain expertise.
  • Infineon will provide data related to human and vehicle traffic flow collected via its smart downlights and smart lamp poles in Science Park. The collected data will contribute to the data platform for smart city innovation.

With the Data Analytics Platform, start-ups, software developers and companies can gain access to data-centric tools and software including IoT (Internet of Things) data acquisition, data engineering, visualisation design and analytics software – tools that help them utilise big data and develop smart city solutions, thereby accelerate the development cycle from proof-of-concept to industrial adoption. These solutions could include IoT equipment for major industries, apps, software, industrial robotics and wearables, as well as artificial intelligence applications in building management systems, traffic management, banking, retail, etc.