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Association Member

An Association Member is an association that organizes business incubation resources and facilities in a given economy. In principle, an Association Member shall represent the economy in which it is based.

Currently AABI has Association Members from China (Beijing, Shanghai), Hong Kong China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. The list and their locations are as follows.

Kazakhstan The Kazakhstan's Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers (KAIIC)
Contact Person Kairat Sugurbekov
E-mail k_sugurbekov@sodbi.kz
URL ---
Uzbekistan Association of Business Incubators and Technoparks the Republic of Uzbekistan (ABIT)
Contact Person Zafar Mukhitdinov
E-mail z.mukhitdinov@abit.uz
URL http://www.abit.uz
Kyrgyz Union of Business Incubator Kyrgyz
Contact Person Zamira Akbagysheva
E-mail congresswomen@intranet.kg
URL ---
Beijing, China Torch High-Tech Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, China
Contact Person Mo Tan / Frank Moore
E-mail mot@ctp.gov.cn
URL http://www.chinatorch.gov.cn
Korea Korea Korean Business Incubation Association
Contact Person JIl-Shik Shin
E-mail Kobia@kobia.or.kr
URL http://www.kobia.or.kr
Japan Japan Business Incubation Association
Contact Person Satoshi Hoshino
E-mail hoshino@jbia.jp
URL http://www.janbo.gr.jp
Shanghai, China Shanghai Hi-tech Business Incubator Network / Shanghai Technology Innovation Center
Contact Person Wang Zhen
E-mail stic@stn.sh.cn
URL http://www.incubator.sh.cn
Pakistan Technology Incubation Centre(TIC) National University of Sciences Technology (NUST)
Contact Person Akhtar Ali Qureshi
E-mail akhtar.qureshi@tic.org.pk
URL http://www.nust.edu.pk/Pages/Home.aspx
Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Contact Person Frederick W. S. Yung
E-mail fred.yung@hkstp.org
URL http://www.hkstp.org
Chinese Taipei Chinese Business Incubation Association
Contact Person Aska Hsu, Wen-Chuan
E-mail wchsu@chu.edu.tw
URL http://www.cbia.org.tw
Chinese Taipei NCTU Center of Academia and Industry Collaboration
Contact Person Michael Lin
E-mail michaellin@mail.nctu.edu.tw
URL http://aic.nctu.edu.tw/?sn=473& lang=zh-TW
India Indian STEPs and Business Incubator’s Association
Contact Person K.C.Chandrasekharan Nair
E-mail kccnair@technopark.org
URL http://www.isba.in/
Philippines UP-Ayala Techno Park (Ayala Foundation, Inc)
Contact Person Mercedes M Barcelon
E-mail barcelon.mm@ayalafoundation.org
URL ---
Malaysia Kulim Technology Park Corporation National Incubator Network Association
Contact Person Andrew Wong
E-mail andwtf@incubator.com.my
URL http://www.nina.com.my/
Singapore Nanyang Technological University
Contact Person Cham Tao Soon,Patrick LIM
E-mail tscham@unisim.edu.sg Patrick_lim@spring.gov.sg
URL http://www.ntu.edu.sg
Australia Business Innovation & Incubation, Australia
Contact Person Jullian Webb
E-mail julian.webb@creedaprojects.com.au
URL http://www.businessincubation.com.au/
New Zealand New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
Contact Person Hamish Campbell
E-mail Hamish.Campbell@nzte.govt.nz
URL http://www.nzte.govt.nz
New Zealand Incubators New Zealand
Contact Person Steve Corbett
E-mail steve.corbett@ecentre.org.nz
URL http://www.techpark.aut.ac.nz
Thailand Thai Business Incubators and Science Parks Association
Contact Person Chachanat Thebtaranonth
E-mail chachanat@tmc.nstda.or.th
URL http://www.thaibispa.or.th
Vietnam Vietnam Business Incubation Club
Contact Person Pham Minh Tuan
E-mail Tuanpm@topica.edu.vn
URL Tuanpm@topica.edu.vn
Indonesia Association of Indonesian Business Incubators
Contact Person Hadi K Purwadaria
E-mail tpphp@indo.net.id
URL ---