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AABI Lifetime Award


In order to pay tribute to the person who made outstanding contributions and excellent services to AABI, Dr. HUANG Chingyao, then-President of AABI proposed in 2018 to set up AABI Lifetime Achievement Award.


AABI Lifetime Achievement Award is neither an annual award nor a prize award, but a great honor for those who treasure their experience and endeavor in AABI.

Winners of AABI Lifetime Achievement Award shall meet the following

  • 1) He or she shall serve for AABI for at least 10 years.
  • 2) He or she shall be nominated by then-President of AABI.
  • 3) His or her nomination shall be approved by 50% of all AABI Members with voting rights and 80% of AABI Members with voting rights who participate in the annual Assembly Meeting.