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The 18th AABI General Assembly


The 18th AABI General Assembly was held in conjunction of 18th AABI International Conference from 29th Nov. 2012 to 1st Dec.2012 in Seoul, Korea.


At the 18th AABI General Assembly, 36 representatives from AABI Association member’s countries and region made the discussed on the 2012 AABI Award, the future development of APJIE, the international relationships of AABI, the host organization of AABI Secretariat for next term, the host organization for next AABI GA, accepting new AABI association member and the introduction of the database of AABI Professional Committee. The next AABI General Assembly will be held in shanghai China at Oct. 2013, and the conference organization is Shanghai Technology Innovation Center.


Also the 2012 AABI Award ceremony was held during this assembly, Mr. R.M.P.Jawahar the president of AABI, Mr.Wu Yi the Deputy Director General of China Torch High Technology Industry Development Center. MOST and Mr. Wang Rong the Chairman of the AABI Torch Award Judge committee to issue the Award to the winners of 2012AABI Incubator Year Award and 2012AABI Torch Entrepreneur Award