AABI Asian Association of Business Incubation

Applying to the AABI for Backup Support and Joint Hosting

When applying to the AABI for backup support or joint hosting, please follow procedures as outlined below.

Conditions for Backup Support and Joint Hosting

--The event that AABI Foundation Member Institution will be hosting, jointly hosting or providing backup support for, shall be in accord with the objectives of the AABI (to contribute to development and exchange of business incubation in Asian regions.)

--AABI expense burden shall not be included at all.

--AABI shall bear no responsibility in the event of accidents or the like concerning the event. The items on the application form and attached materials shall be in order and application made within an appropriate period of time.

Forms to be Submitted (Entry form/electronic application is also possible by e-mail, etc.)

1.Application form for Backup Support and Joint Hosting

2.Essential items for hosting or plan that explains details of event

3.Outline of main hosting organization and materials explaining past activity performance (not required if an AABI member is hosting)


Please apply via the AABI Website entry form or by e-mail to the Secretariat until 3 weeks before hosting event. If the application forms/materials are available in electronic format please e-mail them, otherwise send the materials by mail to the Secretariat.

Office Receiving Applications

AABI Secretariat

Secretariat:Shanghai Technology Innovation Center,Shanghai China

Contact Person : Eason Mao

E-mail : maoych@co-way.com.cn

AABI Backup support and joint Hosting Work Approval Flow

The following is the work flow and decision

1.An AABI Foundation Member Institution, which compiles an item for each region in its jurisdiction, is the applicant and applies to the AABI.

2.When applying for backup support, decisions are made by the Secretariat and for joint hosting, the decision made by the Chairman is approved.

3.If approved, the Secretariat will notify the applicant via e-mail. If not approved, notification will be made via a message from the Chairman.

4.Applicable information on approved events is posted on the AABI Website.