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IBI workshop is sponsored by Shanghai Technology Innovation Center and Shanghai IBI Network (accredited by Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology of China). IBI workshop is designed for business managers, entrepreneurs, governmental officials and other incubation stakeholders wishing to increase their understanding and know-how of international co-incubation business.

Since its initiation in 1998, IBI workshop has attracted over 500 participants from 30 countries and has been one of the major training programs of AABI (Asian Association of Business Incubation). The workshop sponsors and organizers work closely with innovation actives around the world to deliver the knowledge and experiences on startup accelerating business.

The 23rd International Workshop on Business Incubation(IBI)

Ecosystem, Investors, Corporate, Globalization

Date: 5-26 September, 2020
Location: Online
List of Organizations attending IBI Workshop with AABI recommendation:
  • Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, Hong Kong, China

  • Science & Technology Park, Pune, India

  • Science and Technology Park, Chiangmai University, Thailand