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AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards

AABI has introduced The Incubator of the Year Award to recognize overall excellence in incubation performance. The award winner will be announced yearly.

AABI Incubator Year Award

  • Eligibility

    AABI member incubators and their associations are eligible to be nominated as a candidate for AABI Award. In the case that an incubator that is not yet an AABI member wishes to be nominated, it can be a candidate only if it agrees to become an AABI member. (The nomination shall not be proceeded without Application form for "Incubator Member" attached.)

  • Criteria

    Nominated incubators will be evaluated based on the following 6 points.

    1.Competence of board and management team

    2.Range of services provided and good practices

    3.Current numbers of clients, affiliates, and working area

    4.Program results - No. of jobs created, patents

    5.Financial stability - revenue $ last year vs expenses

    6.Success stories - examples of innovations/ventures from incubator

  • Selection Process

    AABI will form the Selection Committee consisting of a chairman (nominated by AABI president) and business incubation experts from AABI countries and economies.

    AABI Association Members will nominate (to the AABI Secretariat) one business incubator for the award (from their home country/economy). A nomination has to be made through Association Member. (Incubators are NOT allowed to nominate themselves directly to the Secretariat.) The Selection Committee will receive and evaluate the nominations, and select one that best meets the award criteria.

  • Nomination Form

    Incubators interested in being nominated, please consult a contact person of Association Member in your economy and obtain the nomination form.

    Application Form(For AABI Incubator Year Award)

    AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards

    icoThe winner of 2013 AABI Incubator Year Award

    Nangang Software Incubator (Chinese Taipei)
    Nangang Software Incubator was established in 2001, directed by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs and operated by Institute for Information Industry.Since 2002, NSI and III tool the mission from government to assist small and medium enterprises in Chinese Taipei to achieve entrepreneurship innovation by providing the services to support their local activities:
    1. Space, Facilities and Administrative Support
    2. Technical and R & D Subsidies & Support
    3. Brand Marketing & Alliance
    4. Legal Support for Business & Intellectual Properties
    5. Latest Information from the Sector & Alliance
    6. Investment & Loan Consultancy Services

    Since 2002 till presented, NSI has served more than hundred organizations & companies from domestic 7 foreign areas. As NSI has become the leader of the incubation industry, NSI is commit to share the experience to help new universities, local/foreign governments to build up thrir own incubation center for helping local industries and start ups.

    ico2012 AABI Incubator of the Year winner

    Technopark Technology Business Incubator (India)
    Technopark Technology Business Incubator (T-TBI) is a joint association between
    Technopark,Trivandrum and the Department of Science and Technology (DST),
    Government of India for the economic development of the state. The primary focus
    of Technopark TBI is in developing the ICT opportunities for building global
    enterprises. T-TBI aims to spot and attract potential entrepreneurs through intensive
    training programmes undertaken on a regular basis.
    The Center has full time management team that has extensive experience in
    entrepreneurship, product development, and marketing, securing venture capital
    funding and organizational development. In addition to this, an expert panel called
    the Technology Angels consisting of eminent academicians and expert professionals
    from diverse industries guide the incubatees.

    icoAABI Incubator of the Year 2010 winner

    Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center (China)
    Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center was solely invested and run by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corporation. As a business incubator, Innovation Center has committed itself to cultivating and supporting technology-intensive enterprises and promoting commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of scientific and technological achievements. While having their respective names retained, Innovation Center has merged with Technology Department of CHJ Hi-tech Park corp. since 2007 in order to take advantage of integrated resources.
    Caohejing Innovation Center has been in operation for over 10 years. According to statistics, 434 technology-intensive enterprises specializing in IT, biotechnology, new materials, OPTO-Mechatronics etc. have graduated from Innovation Center. The success rate amounts to 91.7%. Currently, Innovation Center boasts a total floor area of 29,000m2 and has registered capital of 65 million RMB.

    icoAABI Incubator of the Year 2009 Winner

    Powerhouse Ventures Ltd, New Zealand (Dr Stephen Hampson, CEO)
    Powerhouse Ventures began as the Canterbury Innovation Incubator in 2001. There are now three incubators, operating in a hub-and-spoke model, each focusing on a specific area of technology. (Engineering at Canterbury University; Agribusiness/bioscience at Lincoln University; software in the Christchurch CBD and food and medical at Lincoln/Canterbury).
    Powerhouse is a specialist seed-stage investment house. It works with researchers and entrepreneurs to create and develop high growth companies, providing expertise and capital. Powerhouse has formal partnerships with the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, Canterbury Development Corporation and NZVIF (Seed Co-investment Fund (SCIF)), and works with Crown Research Institutes and the local TAFE equivalent (CPIT).
    Tenants are offered three levels of service: rent and low involvement; equity share and more strategic involvement; or portfolio businesses with high engagement. Analysts take a ‘hands on’ role in the last type of companies with the aim of turning an opportunity into a business and accelerating its growth. High engagement involves validating the market (i.e., finding a product-market-match); providing financial foresight, building the team (e.g matching an academic with a technology

    icoAABI Incubator of the Year 2008 Winner

    For the year 2008, AABI received two nominations—Agri-Business Incubator ICRISAT from India and BI of Congress of Woman from Kyrgyz Republic. Agri-Business Incubator ICRISAT was selected as this year’s award recipient, after judges in the selection committee gave Agri-Business Incubator ICRISAT the highest average score (85.7) out of a 100-point scale.
    The AABI Incubator of the Year 2008 has been given to; Agri-Business Incubator ICRISAT((Nominated from: India)

    icoAABI Incubator of the Year 2007 Winner

    For the year 2007, AABI received six nominations from six economies. KAIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation from Korea was selected as this year’s award recipient, after judges in the selection committee gave KAIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation the highest average score out of a 100-point scale.
    The AABI Incubator of the Year 2007 has been given to; KAIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation (Nominated from: Korea)

    icoAABI Incubator of the Year 2006 Winner

    For the year 2006, AABI received 6 nomitaions from 6 economies.Xi'an International Business Incubator from the People's Republic of China was selected as this year's award recipient,after judges in the selection committee gave Xi'an International Business Incubator the highest average score out of a 100-point scale.
    The AABI Incubator of the Year 2006 has been given to; Xi'an International Business Incubator (Nominated from: Shanghai, PR China)

    icoAABI Incubator of the Year 2005 Winner

    For the year 2005, AABI received 8 nominations from 7 economies. Members of the Selection Committee (8 experts from 8 countries) scored all nominations. The result showed that the ITRI Incubator nominated from Chinese Taipei marked the highest score.
    The AABI Incubator of the Year 2005 has been given to; ITRI Incubator (Nominated from: Chinese Taipei)