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AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards

AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards is aiming to promote entrepreneurial activities by honoring an entrepreneur within an incubation program at AABI member countries or territories who has developed an outstanding innovation.

AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards

  • Supported by

    China Torch High Technology Industry Development Center

  • Supported by

    Shanghai Technology Innovation Center

  • Candidate

    -The entrepreneurial company either tenanted in the applicant incubator (currently being incubated) or the one already graduated from incubation program

    -The enterprise with strong developing capability, high technical grade, legal property rights, integrated procedures

    -The enterprise already having cooperative relations with foreign countries (technology transfer and the establishment of overseas company)

  • Awards

    All winners will receive great public recognition and other awards for their participation in the competition.

    icoAABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award

    Prize: $ 10,000

    (The winner should attend the Awarding Ceremony, and all expenses including return flight tickets, board and lodging will be borne by himself or herself.)

    icoAABI Torch Award for Technology Transfer

    icoAABI Torch Award for Internationalization

    icoAABI Torch Award for Promising Entrepreneur

    Prize: $ 1000

    Choice 1: project promotion in AABI assembly

    The details are:

    - Presentation during the AABI assembly

    - Accommodation fees, registration fees during the AABI assembly (fees up to $500)

    - International flight (fees up to $500)

    Choice 2: a 5-day business research scholarship in one area

    The details are:

    - visit AABI IBI

    - 3-Star accommodation for the company representative (fees up to $500)

    - International flight(fees up to $500)

  • Competition Timeline 0f 2010AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards:

    March.31, 2011, Deadline of Submission

    April.30, 2011, Evaluation Period

    May.10, 2011, Open Result

  • Criteria for Marking

    Criteria for Marking

    Each judge will give points (up to 100) to the applicant entrepreneurs and recommend the wannabes of AABI Torch Award for Technology Transfer、AABI Torch Award for Internationalization、AABI Torch Award for Promising Entrepreneur.

    Among the points given, delete the highest and lowest points, and then calculate the average. The highest average score will be the winner of AABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award.

    The winners of AABI Torch Award for Technology Transfer、AABI Torch Award for Internationalization、AABI Torch Award for Promising Entrepreneur will be selected by the judges’ votes

  • Way to join

    Application Form(For AABI Torch Entrepreneur Award)

    AABI Torch Entrepreneur Awards

    icoThe winner of 2013 AABI Torch Award for Internationalization

    Mr. Eric Yung, Playnote Limited (Hong Kong)

    icoThe winne of 2013 AABI Torch Award for Technology Transfer

    Mr. Shine C. Chung, Attopsemi Technology Co., LTD (Chinese Taipei)

    icoThe winner of 2013 AABI Torch Award for Promising Entrepreneur

    Mr.Olarn Rattana-anan, SensorBuilder Co.,Ltd. (Thailand)

    icothe winner of 2013 AABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award

    Mr.Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, Dhama Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (India)

    icoThe winner of 2012 AABI Torch Award for Internationalization

    Mr. Ron Chang, President, Honeywld Technology Corp.(Chinese Taipei)
    Ron Chang, founder of Honeywld, who got his master degree of University of South
    Carolina, US, had been served as software engineer, manager, and senior director in
    Acer, Digital Equipment Corp., and SiS corp. since 1979. He has more than 25 year
    experience in Taiwan PC, and Semiconductor industry. During his serve as
    multimedia and SOC system senior director in SiS, he saw that software
    differenciation and innovation are key for product success. At that time, Digital
    Home and TV are promising area in addition to the PC and mobile market.
    In 2004, Honeywld corp. has been estabilished as software company who provided
    software turnkey solution for digital home maket. The new company finished
    Asustek AS-101 network DVD player, and Dlink network DVD player software
    solution. To aim for one stop shopping and branding roadmap, he decided to design
    and manufacture SOC system whose first product is PowerMVP. He has been
    dedicated on Smart home application for 8 years. He believes that TV is new
    platform. Software and SOC system can realize the dream of Smart Home.

    icoThe winner of 2012 AABI Torch Award for Technology Transfer

    Mr. Changwoo Park, CEO, Advanced Nano Products (Korea)
    Professor Park, Chang Woo, present CEO of Advanced Nano Products Co., Ltd
    found out that Korea had depended entirely on importing most nano-material
    products from Japan and struggled to find a way to produce them at home while he
    was working for LG Chemical Technology Research Institute. Meanwhile, he started
    for his new post as an assistant professor at Hanbat University in 1997, came to
    develop Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) powder which is a material to form clear electrode
    in a cathode-ray tube and block electromagnetic waves for the first time in Korea
    through the research project with his students. On the basis of this, he created
    Advanced Nano Products Co., Ltd. in order to commercialize liquid-form products of
    Target and Sol with his students for the purpose of “localizing material industry

    icoThe winner of 2012 AABI Torch Award for Promising Entrepreneur

    Mr. Chan Kar Ho Kevin, CEO, Insight Robotics Limited (Hong Kong)
    Kevin Chan,innovative and energetic young entrepreneur,established his 0W11
    business since he was eighteen years old.The first established business was built up
    dinning discount membership card for local restaurants in year 2003.After selling out
    the membership card business, he set up an entertainment and sponsorship business to
    link up event organizer and artist to sponsors and helped them to build relationships
    and network for business In these two businesses he gained his first million,
    business experiences and establishes and broadens his business network,which 1ed
    develop his successful business path later on. On the special occasion in
    Beijing.Kevin met two professional engineers, who are working on innovative
    technology and disaster robotics management system projects respectively.They are
    share similar ambition to use robots as a tool to have mutual communications
    between robots, users mad the world to improve human’s life and the
    world.Therefore.Kevin decided to sponsor their research and development projects
    and also establish Insight Robotics Limited (Insight) with them.
    In October, 2010.Kevin found out that he was more passionate on the robotics
    business,thus he decided to close the entertainment and sponsorship business in order
    to concentrate on the robotics business development. In the same year.Insight launch
    its pioneer product the “Early Stage Wildfire Detection and Prediction Wireless
    Sensor Network” which has won 2 awards in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 201 1 and
    highly recommended by Guangdong Academy of Forestry and Guangdong Forestry

    icoThe winner of 2012 AABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award

    Ms. Jane Hill, CEO, CropLogic Limited (New Zealand)
    Jane is a serial technology entrepreneur. With a Bachelor of Science with Honours,
    and an MBA Jane is both technically competent and business savvy.
    Jane founded her own software start-up in 2000. She had developed generic
    configuration management software for mobile telecommunications network
    operators. This start-up was based on Jane’s industry experience after working for a
    mobile operator. Ultimately Jane made a deal with one of the world’s largest teclo
    Jane also has experience in developing research-based software, having previously
    worked for the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
    for five years. Her Crown Research Institute experience and linkages are invaluable.
    Jane also spent six years working for powerHouse - an incubator and seed stage
    investment company. During her time as a Venture Partner at powerHouse, Jane was
    involved with more than 20 technology start-ups. Plus Jane was also heavily involved
    in developing strategic plans and business plans for government and regional
    Jane was seconded from powerHouse to act as interim CEO for CropLogic but the
    progress she made, her work ethic and determination to make CropLogic a success
    meant the CropLogic board quickly appointed her as permanent CEO.

    icoThe winner of 2010 AABI Torch Award for Promising Entrepreneur

    Mr.Jialiang Wang,CEO,Shanghai HanXiang(CooTek)Information Technology Co., ltd., China
    Shanghai HanXiang (CooTek) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter CooTek) was founded in 2008. This company is mobile software company developing innovative mobile applications and web services for Smartphones including iPhone and Android phones. CooTek is the first and the only company from China that won the Global Champion of 2009 Mobile Innovation Award, the biggest innovation award in the mobile industry presented by GSMA. CooTek is currently providing two mobile applications: TouchPal Keyboard and TouchPal Dialer and has two business models: software licensing and built-in ads.In the following two years, CooTek plans to expand its market share in Smartphone market and build over 100 million user base. TouchPal will be a strong brand among smartphone users.

    icoThe winner of 2010 AABI Torch Award for Internationalization

    Mr.Hong Rong Der, President, YOKE Industrial Corp., Chinese Taipei
    Yoke Industrial Corp. is a leading manufacturer specializing in the development of safety components related to industrial lifting and harnessing. They focus on grade 80 and grade 100 lifting components. Their products can be classified as N-series and 8-series, and its can be used in mining, construction engineering, oil drilling, industrial lifting and so on. In line with Yoke business model, it involves three business constructs as strategy, capability and value. The strategy includes four main dimensions about high quality value, price for value, fast out and fast in. The capability consists of infrastructure, business process and branding. The value means sustainable in profitable growth.

    icoThe winner of 2010 AABI Torch Award for Technology Transfer

    Mr. In Chan Jeon, President, Green&Sun Co., Ltd., Korea
    Green&Sun Co., Ltd was founded in 2009. This company is specialized in manufacturing the parts of solar powered lighting systems and photovoltaic lighting systems. Producing solar-powered street lamps, bus platforms, signboards and directions boards with solar-powered lighting systems, this company intends to provide products powered by environment-friendly green energy and improve the daily life of the public.Based on the business scope of existing bus platform builders and other companies producing solar powered products, this company has established a new business model integrating new products development and active marketing strategies. Focusing on on-line promotion methods, this company is expanding its business sales strategies to adopt new trends such as Twitter, Facebook and so on.

    icoThe winner of 2010 AABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award

    Mr. Aravind A. Naravan, the Proprietor of Pure Tech India
    Pure Tech India was founded in 2007. This company is a knowledge based venture dedicated to innovative design and manufacturing of specialty engineering equipments used for liquid pollution control. The products are positioned in the niche eco-sensitive domain of preventing the manufacturing liquid pollutants from causing grave harm to the environment due to their indiscriminate disposal. The venture by recognizing and aiming to address critical pollution parameters, manufactures equipment for recovery and re-use of costly and depleting resources likeHydrocarbons. The company serves Engineering, Automobile, Food and Petrochemical companies and Treatment plants across the country and abroad. The key products designed innovatively and manufactured efficiently are Water-soluble Coolant recovery systems, Oil - water separators, water - oil separators, Advanced Oxidation reactors and Stainless Steel filter media cartridges. The company aims to be a one-stop source for a range of liquid recovery systems, to promote clean and green tech manufacturing in the country and abroad.
    The company has already exported the equipments to Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Dubai and Iraq. Currently, the equipments are being exported to Brazil and Mozambique, totally covering 10 countries. The turnover of the company increased many fold in its four years of operation with more than 50% contribution from Export sales.

    icoThe winner of 2009 AABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award

    EutroVision Systems, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of Intelligent Video Analytic Systems (IVAS). IVAS are used for detecting, measuring and analyzing complex events based on real-time or stored CCTV footage. IVAS enable remote monitoring and analysis of building access, traffic control, and other activities where sensitive locations require surveillance and security. EutroVision is a China-based IVAS company providing commercial products and solutions that are currently dedicated to China market but with an eye toward the growing world market. Its products have been approved by Chinese authorities and deployed by Central Military Commission, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of State Security, and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

    icoThe winner of 2009 AABI Torch Award for Promising Entrepreneur

    Mr. Hwang, Seounghyeok, SUNG JONG (Korea)
    Sungjong was established to develop products based on the functional binders made from recycled materials including materials used in building, construction or electronic industry. Based on competitive technologies that cover from the material design to end items production, this company has been providing best quality products to meet the requirements of customers. The business area of this company includes asphalt product made from reformulated waste tires, construction of the foundation for artificial turf and other various applicable products.

    icoThe winner of 2009 AABI Torch Award for Technology Transfer

    Mr.Paijit Sangchai, Flexo Research Group Company Limited (Thailand)
    The company was founded in 2007, starting as a technology entrepreneur incubated under Thailand Science Park incubation program. The vision of the company aimed to become a leading innovative, research and development company, serving Thailand and Southeast Asia in the field of pulp, paper, printing and packaging industrial products and services. By using over 15 years of experience of company’s staff in a paper and packaging manufacturing, combined with a creative business concept and innovative knowledge-based management culture, the company are always striving to work closely with the clients to achieve their commercially possible research targets. For today and in the future, the company are very proud to announce that all of the services and products under Flexo ResearchGroup,carries the environmental-improving value for all interested parties.

    icoThe winner of 2009 AABI Torch Award for Internationalization

    Ms. Jill Wu, YAOX Edutainment Co., Ltd. (Chinese Taipei)
    YAOX5D Group was founded in 1994, headquartered in Taipei, and have branch in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. They provide products and services including: special cinema, simulation system, master planning and turnkey services to museums, expo, and theme park. YAOX is a company with over 30 years’ history in producing films. The key figure of YAOX, Ms. Wu Chu was once an experienced producer of movies; and the Creativity Supervisor of YAOX, Mr. Yao Kai-Yang was originally a director of movies. They both played decisive roles in the industry of film production. This is why the film production energy of YAOX surpasses general animation companies in the fellow industry. With the self-owned and internationally registered barand, YAOX markets its products all over the world.