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AABI Association Members

AABI association member is “an association that organizes business incubation resources and facilities
in a given economy” of Asia-Pacific region.

Till 2021, AABI has 23 Association Members which cover 19 countries and regions.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, HKSTPC

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) is a statutory body dedicated to fostering innovation and technology advancement in Hong Kong through the provision of state-of-the-art facilities and high caliber end-to-end services. Since its establishment in 2001, HKSTPC has been entrusted with strengthening Hong Kong’s position as a regional technology hub by promoting innovation, technology development and commercialisation of five technology clusters: Biotechnology, Electronics, Green Technology, Information Technology and Telecommunications, and Precision Engineering.

What we do

HKSTPC manages Hong Kong Science Park, InnoCentre and three Industrial Estates located in Tai Po, Tseung Kwan O and Yuen Long. HKSTPC offers full service Incubation Programmes to cater to the needs of different technology start-ups, with incubation period from 12 to 48 months. The Incubation Programmes enable innovative ideas to mature into practical and market-oriented products and services. The Corporation acts as a crucial bridge linking academia and industry to enable the commercialisation of applied research. Major partnerships has been established with research institutions, universities and leading technology companies from around the world for project collaboration, technology and knowledge transfer, as well as business opportunities across a spectrum of industries.


As of today, HKSTPC has attracted more than 700 technology companies, which employ a workforce of close to 13’000 in Science Park. In 2016, the corporation received 3 recognitions of its incubation work, that includes “InBIA's Technology/IT Incubator of the Year”, “Dinah Adkins Incubator of the Year”, and “InBIA Randall M. Whaley Award - Incubator of the Year Award”. In 2017, HKSTP 

  • Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, China

STIC is responsible for a series of tech-SMEs policy implementation as well as technology transfer services and incubators coordinating. STIC has played as the supporting organization of STBIA (Shanghai Technology Business Incubation Association), the leading organization of Shanghai IBI (International Business Incubator), the coordinating organization of EEN (Enterprise European Network) East China, the secretariat of AABI (Asian Association of Business Incubation).Enhancing cooperation between business incubators in Shanghai. 

What we do

  • Integrated Torch Center, Achievement Center, Technology Exchange

  • Financing Services: Loan Guarantee Gunding for Startups, Scaleups and Xiao Juren Enterprises, Investment Pitching, Loan Insurance…

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Services: “Startup in Shanghai” International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, one-stop policy consulting, Xiao Juren Enterprises Funding, Accreditation of High-Tech Products & High-Tech Enterprises…

  • Technology Transfer: National Eastern Tech-transfer Center, ShanghaiTechnology Intermediary Services System, Technology Transfer Alliance, Technology Expos…

From 1988 to 2019 

  • 1988: The First Incubator in Shanghai

  • 1997: Identified as ShanghaiInternational Business Incubator

  • 2004: Established Shanghai Technology Business Incubation Association

  • 2006: Set up Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Found For Graduates

  • Since 2010: The NEW STIC(Integrated Shanghai Torch Center, Achievement Center, Technology Exchange Center)

Chinese Business Incubation Association, CBIA

Founded in 1997, CBIA is a non-profit and membership basis organization for over 20 years .CBIA has nearly 200 members and operates local alliance as well. Serving a diverse group of entrepreneurship centers, program managers, directors, and policymakers, we help guide , mentor, and core sustainable entrepreneur support programs in every industry. Our mission is to help communities enable their entrepreneurs to transform their dreams into innovative businesses That make prosperity a reality.

What we do
  • Enhance the development of incubation centers as well as the exchange of incubation experiences.
  • Assist incubated enterprises in diversified fields, such as the Industry-Academic-Government Collaborated Research, R&D, Production, Marketing, Human Resources, Organization, Finance, etc.
  • Organize specialized activities and skill training courses related to the operation and management for incubators.
  • Provide educational and practical assistances and materials related to the operation and management for the incubators as well as their tenants.
From 1996 to 2017

our members have incubated 14,084 enterprises, 116 of them have been listed company at stock exchange market. We also assisted enterprises to obtain 4,387 patents, 2057 technology transfer, which aims to improve the industrial infrastructure for responding to changing economic conditions.


Business Innovation & Incubation Australia (BIIA)

Chinese Mainland

Torch High-Tech Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, China

Shanghai Technology Innovation Center (STIC)
Chinese Taipei

Chinese Business Incubation Association (CBIA)

NCTU Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)

Indian STEPs and Business Incubators Association (ISBA)

Science and Technology Park, Pune


Association of Indonesian Business Incubation (AIBI)

Japan Business Incubation Association


The Kazakhstan’s Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers
South Korea

Korea Business Incubation Association
Kyrgyz Republic

Union of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers of the Kyrgyz Republic

E3Hubs Sdn Bhd  
New Zealand

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Incubator New Zealand


Technology Incubation Centre, National University of Sciences and Technology


Ayala Technology Business Incubator Network, Ayala Foundation, Inc.

Saudi Arabia

Business Incubation and Acceleration Company (BIAC)


Nanyang Technological University


Thai Business Incubators and Science Parks Association (Thai-BISPA)


Association of Business Incubators and Technoparks of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Vietnam Business Incubation Club