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Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a refereed and highly professional journal covering entrepreneurship, innovation, incubation and related topics. It aims to establish channels of communication and to disseminate knowledge between policy makers, experts and professionals working in universities, government departments, research institutions, as well as industry and related business.

The Journal publishes original papers, theory-based empirical papers, review papers, case studies, conference reports, relevant reports and news, book reviews and briefs.

Commentaries on papers and reports published in the Journal are encouraged. Authors will have the opportunity to respond to the commentary on their work before the entire treatment is published.

Special Issues devoted to important topics in entrepreneurship, incubator management, innovation network and alliances and related topics, will be published occasionally.

Editorship Commission

Editor in Chief:

Bong Jin Cho (Korea)

Associate Editors

Richard P. Bagozzi (U.S.A) Guest Editor

Hermina Burnett (Australia)

Sun Young Park (Korea)

JinHyo Joseph Yun (Korea)

Editorial Board:

Deepanwita Chattopadhyay (India)

Check Teck Foo (Singapore)

Chih-Hung Hsieh (Chinese Taipei))

Rajendra Jagdale (India)

R.M.P. Jawahar (India)

Lynn Kahle (U.S.A)

Tomoyo Kazumi (Japan)

William Walton Kirkley (New Zealand)

Harald F.O. von Kortzfleisch (Germany)

Hyoung San Kye (Korea)

Abdul Aziz Ab Latif (Malaysia)

Ki Seok Lee (Korea)

Zhan Li (China)

Zhao Min (China))

Patricia Ordoñez de Pablos (Spain)

Hadi K Purwadaria (Indonesia)

Aviv Shoham (Israel)

Zhen Wang (China)

Richard White (New Zealand)

Benjamin J.C. Yuan (Chinese Taipei)

Yuli Zhang (China)


William Cartwright (U.S.A., Professor, Keimyung University)

Graphic Design:

Seong Jae Song (Korea, Professor, Hoseo University)

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